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For far too long, scholarship providers have wished for a smart, easy-to-use
solution to solve the challenges of scholarship application workflow.
Effectively. Economically. Painlessly. And, how about immediately?

Applyd — powerfully simple

Applyd is a scholarship application workflow solution that offers scholarship providers advanced new capabilities in an instant. Applyd’s scalable components ensure it will align with your foundation’s needs, and with a design so clean, using it is practically second nature. From online application management to document storage to tracking, Applyd assists you to facilitate every aspect of the process using our reliable, secure technology. Which means it’s available to you—and your applicants—anywhere, day or night.Our thoughtful development means scholarship providers of any size will benefit from a “right sized” solution with powerfully simple features.

Shake off the technology toll

Foundations have assumed a massive economic burden attempting to address grant application workflow. Custom software development that often fails or falls short. Hardware and server infrastructure purchased and maintained as it sprints toward obsolescence. Plus the cost of IT staff dedicated to this endless cycle. Forever. You shouldn’t have to be a tech company. You already have what you need to use Grantd. You could be enjoying its benefits tomorrow.

Features minus the filler

Applyd comes standard with a complete set of features that feel like they were built with you in mind. (Fun fact: The features were built with you in mind). The Applicant Document Library (currenty in development) frees you from manual document collection and storage. You’ll find application templates and tools for guidelines and requirements, eligibility verification, question modules, and more. All ready to be customized to meet your needs and reflect your brand.

Intuitive workflow system

It’s no accident that Applyd behaves like a seasoned pro on day one. We put great care into the architecture of this product and the design of its user interface, resulting in a productivity boosting workflow system that actually works—your way, right away.

A fully hosted solution

Applyd is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which means we provide you with the fully hosted, monitored, and maintained solution. Regular updates offering new features and improvements are tested and deployed behind the scenes. We do the hard work to make it a snap for you and your applicants to access Applyd via the cloud. There’s no setup, no downloads, no hardware configurations. Access is instant. Which is as awesome as it sounds.

Obssesive protection

We maintain a constant focus on protecting, securing, and backing up your data that’s every bit as obsessive as you’d hope. Backup of your data occurs nightly to multiple geographically distributed secure locations. We use the highest standards of security, confidentiality, quality, and availability as the baseline for all aspects of our development and ongoing management of Applyd.

Built from experience

Our team has world-class technology know-how, but that alone won’t produce a product like Applyd. We have found, however, when that same team also has 20 plus years of combined foundation and nonprofit experience, the odds of developing a game-changing product improve substantially.

Priority support

Getting support for Applyd is easy and prompts priority response by our team. The only thing better than that is starting with a product engineered to ensure support is rarely needed. You will love the fact that the quality of our product as well as our team can be taken for Applyd.

Made in Colorado

We looked at the challenges faced by Scholarship Providers.
Frustration and inefficiency defined the status quo for scholarship application workflow.
So we built Applyd, right here in Colorado.

About us


Our team

We pledge to be available when you need us, and to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. We will communicate clearly and respectfully with every interaction. We will never sell you anything you don’t need. We will always maintain the security and the integrity of your information to the highest standards.


 Our history

We are a team of eclectic and very effective individuals. We share a passion for developing smart technology solutions that deliver unquestionable value, create opportunity, and improve the systems our clients depend on to achieve their mission.We come from varied but complementary backgrounds like philanthropy, technology, art, and even game design. Our effectiveness is the result of many factors—we’re nimble, our growth is organic and fueled by capability rather than debt, and we have a solid and rare foundation of real world nonprofit and technology experience.


 Our future

Every day, we’ll continue to strive towards greater effectiveness—for us and for our clients—with the belief that one is not possible without the other. Our associates will reflect the supportive environment of earned opportunity we consider essential to our health and happiness. No matter how popular the product or how great our service, we will always truly feel that it’s possible to do better. We will remain grateful that we make a living selling our own creations to a market sustained only by the satisfaction of our clients.

We are delighted these customers have Applyd

"Applyd is super easy to setup and use! Thank you so much for creating such a user friendly system. Our Applicants and Scholars love it!"

− H Scott, Denver Scholarship Foundation


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